Chinquapin District Leadership

District Chairman Halleck Butts 803-480-9760
District Commissioner Ron Lucas 636-448-9824
District Executive Greg McDaniel 803-451-1950
Communication/Webmaster Tony McCluney 803-261-3298
Commissioners Service To determine your units commisioner-click here
Boy Scout Round-table Position available-see District Commissioner
Cub Scout Round-table Laurie Stokes 803-446-6478
Journey to Excellence Position available-see District Commissioner
Recharter Position available-see District Commissioner
Finance Chair T.R. Parris 803-463-6043
Camp Card IWC
FOS Family Position available-see Finance Chair
FOS Community Baxter Donaldson
Popcorn Tom Wirzburger 803-238-7172
Membership Chair Brooks Prevette 803-391-2269
WEBELOS Scouts Jason Millman 864-266-7100
Charter Organizations Position available-see Membership Chair
New Units Position available-see Membership Chair
Recruitment Position available-see Membership Chair
Program Chair Laurie Stokes 803-446-6478
Activities Position available-see Program Chair
Advancement Tom Wirzburger 803-238-7172
Eagle Advancement Position available-see Program Chair
Eagle Boards Tom Wirzburger 803-238-7172
Eagle Projects Tom Wirzburger 803-238-7172
Cub Scouts Position available-see Program Chair
Life to Eagle Position available-see Program Chair
Merit Badges Position available-see Program Chair
Banquet Position available-see Program Chair
Camping Michael Hiller 803-667-7484
Camporees IWC
Cuborees Laurie Stokes 803-446-6478
Cub Scout Day Camp Laurie Stokes 803-446-6478
Order of the Arrow Halleck Butts 803-480-9760
Pinewood Derby IWC
Scouting for Food Greg Hornsby 803-822-5015
Training (Adult) Halleck Butts 803-480-9760
Webelos Woods IWC